I wont lie, i was expecting to see a very terrible web-series since it didnt look like something a lot of money was spent on, but it was surprisingly very good and enjoyable. I would recommended anyone to see it, It is also really short “about 20 minutes” and straight to the point.

I believe Corper Shun is a brilliant, ambitious and funny webseries that defies most Nollywood flaws and it contains no indirect form of advertising.

The characters are very relatable,flexible,fun and realistic. They ll have their strengths and weaknesses, there is no one that is perfect in anyway and your interpretations of each character is based on your personal philosophy.

For example- you might think Gbenga is an effective leader and another person might see him as an “i too know”. All the characters are very nice and fun to watch as they all bring a new dynamic each situation.

Alani is particularly funny and i like how the story focuses on him sometimes so he isn’t always seen as an emotionless asshole boss

The first five episodes does much with the little time that it has. We all get an introduction to the 5 main characters and get to know their attitudes immediately.  Aminat is a very compliant person, Ibinabo is…well, i dont really understand her. Because, during the intro of the series, the description on her i.d is “ms british by force” and i dont get if she is actually coming from britain or she is faking. The series doesnt do well to explain this because she is obviously brilliant and has referenced when she had to move to Nigeria so, i dont think she is “british by force”. Aminat is a girl that just wants to fit in no matter what, Gbenga is a “diplomat” and Zube is a stereotypical igbo boy.  This all happens within the first episode, but there is actually a relevant amount of character development as the episodes progress and they have all stepped up to take charge or give a contribution at a time.

As the episodes go by, we get to see the evolution of their relationship with one another “Valerie & Zube , Ibinabo & gbenga…”  and their struggle to impress alani. We also get to see the tension between them rise in a very hillarious fashion as they have all fought with one another and made up. At the end of the five episodes it was nice to see them already to each other and able to function better as a group

The show is also socially conscious as it tries to address certain issues like pressure of marriage from parents, bad treatment of people by staff, scam and so on.

Final Verdict – I would recommend everybody to watch this web series, It is very fun,nice to watch and not too time consuming.     The production quality is amazing and i am going to give this a very strong 7/10


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