Director : Babak Najafi

Producer(s): Tai Duncan, Paul Schiff and Andrea Ajemain

Starring : Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Danny Glover, Neal McDonough, Xander Berkeley and Margaret Avery

Genre : Action/Thriller

Release Date : January 19, 2017

Awesome-O-Metre : 4/10


Proud Mary stars Taraji P. Henson as a bad ass assassin working for “The Man” taking out perceived enemies to her “family”. But when she befriends an orphan, her motherly protective instincts kicks in and sets her on a collision course with her family.

I know the year has just begun but this film is in contention for one of the worst films you will see in 2018. It took me all of the first 15 minutes of this film to realize that I was in trouble. Let me break it down;

Apparently, the film was supposed to be a Jane Wick kind of film but kai, they didn’t try at all. The action scenes were few (just 2 to be precise) and far in between and they were unbelievable…and I don’t mean that in a good way. I gyess the idea was to portray Mary (The title character) as a super assassin but they failed woefully and no one was convinced that she was a toughie probably becsuse the acting was danm pitiful. We all agree that Taraji is a fantastic actress, but this one hard her small as she was out of her depths. I think she should just stick to dramas and not venture into these waters again because we all know how long and hard she worked to get to where she is and we don’t need her ruining her career.

Sadly, the bad acting also cut across everyone in the film with Danny Glover ill fitted for his character as a mob boss and Billy Brown was laughable making the whole film seem ridiculous. Did I mention the cheesy scripting? Well, there was that too.

Another fail was the Plot which was so clichéd and filled with incredulity. Taraji’s killing rampage was supposed to have been triggered by her motherly instincts to protect a young boy but it’s easier to believe that John Wick killed so many guys because of a dog.

The one and only thing that was good in this film was the Maserti Taraji drove. That car was a beast and yeah, that’s all I Liked in the film. The people I saw the film with felt the same way I did, what with the hiss that rent the air when the film finished.

It’s a danm shame how this film went but I am sure the hard core Taraji fans will still go see Proud Mary so yall should click HERE to purchase your cheap movie tickets and don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter and Facebook or in the comment section below to tell me what you think.

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