The Top 10s of 2017

As the year 2017 is coming to a close, I will be looking back at the movies released this year and mention my best and worst films and of course, my most anticipated films to be released in 2018. So here goes!

My best movies of 2017 are:

  • Get Out: Talk about an underdog causing an upset. A film made with so little or no money by an unknown director coming to bully the cinemas. Fantastic film!
  • Dunkirk– I get a lot of stick when I say this film was great. Agreed that it isn’t a conventional film but that’s what makes it unique. I am honestly not trying to sound woke but I liked this film.
  • Logan: Not many films can end on a high but this film is a standard on how a great franchise can go out on a high note.
  • War for The Planet of the Apes: Another film ending with a bang!
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Okay, this film is just here because I am a Star Wars groupie and they just can’t go wrong.
  • Banana Island Ghost: A film made by geeks for geeks. I mean there was a talking car in it.
  • Lotanna: I am just a sucker for retro films and this one scratches that itch for me.
  • IT: Super scary…though not as scary as the original but still gave me a good fright.
  • Alien Covenant: Another film that was deliciously scary with a wicked plot twist at the end.

I know I said Top 10 but I must give these 2 an honorary mention:

My Worst Movies of 2017

  • The Mummy– A huge disappointment considering its predecessor is one of my best films of all time. Universal should just forget this “Dark Universe” they are trying to build.
  • The OAP: I am all for Nollywood but this was one exhausting film.
  • Mentally: Boring and directionless and the attempt to shoehorn a moral lesson made it an even worse fail.
  • Chips: A remake that shouldn’t have been done.
  • The Snowman: So much prospect but fell flat with no intrigue or suspense.
  • Kidnap: Haba, Halle Berry, how can you stoop so low to do such a trash film? It was so bad it was pulled from Nigerian Cinemas at the last moment.
  • Dark Tower: A huge, Huge, Huge disappointment.
  • Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets. As the name long, na so the film long and e no sweet. The Rihanna power did nothing to salvage it from the trash bin. So much fantastic CGI with no real power.
  • Power Rangers: God punish the person who single handedly ruined such a childhood favourite of mine.
  • Bay Watch: I knew this film would flunk and I wasn’t surprised…No action, No bouncy boobs, no plot. Crap.

My most Anticipated films of 2018:

  • Black Panther- A black action super hero movie? Yes please!
  • Deadpool 2: What will Ryan do next? I cant wait to see.
  • Venom: One of my favourite comic books characters is being brought to life, so I am here for this.
  • Avengers- Infinity Wars: If you are not excited about this film, then you probably aren’t from this planet.
  • Animated Spider man (Miles M): Mexican Spiderman? We are here for this.
  • The Incredibles 2: The first one was crazy funny and I sincerely hope they can replicate it.
  • Pacific Rim 2: Monsters Vs Robots, we can’t wait!
  • Tomb Raider: A remake of another favourite. I hope Vikanda doesn’t fall Angelina Jolie’s hand o.
  • MI6: we go die on top Tom Cruise matter.
  • Suicide Squad: The first one wasn’t good but hey, we will watch this one still.

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Thanks for always dropping in and this is to a fantastic 2018!

Piss out!

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