From the guys that gave us Sylvia comes Three Thieves which tells the story of three young men (Frank Donga, Shawn Faqua and Koye-kekere Ekun) who are frustrated with their current employment and end up getting mixed up in a seemingly low-risk, high-profit theft job. Things unfold and they just might be adding kidnapping to the list of crimes they are committing. With a comedic twist to it all, it’s a wonder how they end up as heroes of the day.

Revue of SHE IS

She Is tells the story of Frances (Somkele Idhalama), a woman approaching her 40s trying to find love and children in a manner compatible with societal and religious norms. She is however on a clock as she counts down to one of the most important decisions of her life.


Hakkunde (pronounced Akande) follows the travails of Akande (Kunle Idowu aka Frank Donga) an unemployed graduate of Animal Science who after a 4-year unsuccessful job search in Lagos relocates to the north (Kaduna) in the hope of making it. Things don’t turn out as he expected, setting him on an unusual path of self-discovery and love.