Revue of ÒLÒTŪRÉ

The Kenneth Gyang directed and Ebony Life produced Òlòtūré follows the story of Ehi (Sharon Ooja) an investigative journalist who goes undercover to infiltrate a prostitution ring and gets sucked into the dark world of human trafficking.

Revue of MOMS AT WAR

Moms At War is a comedy about two mothers Ebubechukwu (Omoni Oboli) and Olaide (Funke Akindele aka Jenifa) and their teenage children, who write a prestigious exam to be admitted into an international scholars program. However, everything goes wrong when their children must compete against each other for a place in the program.


Wives on Strike: The Revolution is the sequel to Wives on Strike (2016) and it follows these market women fighting against domestic violence after one of them was beaten to death by her husband. This leads to yet another strike by the women against their husbands forcing their hands to stand up for what is right.