Revue of ÒLÒTŪRÉ

The Kenneth Gyang directed and Ebony Life produced Òlòtūré follows the story of Ehi (Sharon Ooja) an investigative journalist who goes undercover to infiltrate a prostitution ring and gets sucked into the dark world of human trafficking.


Elevator Baby stars Timini Egbuson as Dare Williams a wealthy spoilt kid with a fiery temper who gets stuck in an elevator with a pregnant lady called Abigail (Toyin Abraham), an underprivileged and brash lady who unexpectedly goes into labor while in the elevator. Dare is left with no choice but to try and save both mother and child.


Tatu is based on the book of like title by Dr. Abraham Nwankwo and tells the story of Tatu (Rahama) who is predestined to be sacrificed to the gods of the land as represented by the evil chief priest (Segun). However, Tatu’s mother (Toyin) to protect her daughter gave her out to a priest but the gods will come for their own.